Life mirrors video games.  You get one chance for greatness.  Command and Conquer or game over.

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3 Ways to Inspire your Inner Hero

Do you remember how amazing it felt to run around and pretend you were a superhero as a kid?

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How to LIve Before You Die - Steve Jobs (photo via

This commencement speech by Steve Jobs will go down in infamy as one of the most inspiring true tales about how not to waste the short amount of time you have.

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Time Suck

Twitter can be a huge time suck, if you let it.  Or, you can take Twitter by the horns and use it as a tool to lead your life in positive ways.

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How to Keep your Sh*t in Order

On , in Technology & Gadgets, by the Chick Tech Geek Squad

Hey Dude, get your sh*t together.  Photo via


Life is messy. Messy as heck even. It’s hard to balance every thing all at the same time.  Especially since we all live such dimensional lives; worker, mentor, lover, friend, family.

Sometimes what we need is a reminder in the form of a kick in the butt. No not a literal one, although if that’s what you’re looking for I’m here for you. I’m talking about an easy way to get your sh*t in order and done. So here it is in 3 stupidly simple,  no excuses possible steps.

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