10 Ways to Be a Kickass Human

10 Commandments - How to be  a Good Human Being

The 10 commandments are best known from the Bible.   But the overall message is something we should all be following to make the world a better place.  Religious or not.

As a quick overview of where the commandments came from and the point:  God told Moses to chip the 10 commandments into stone so people could have a moral code to govern their lives. God didn’t expect believers to be able to keep all of them, because we’re flawed in general, but provided them as guidelines to help make human lives better and more fruitful overall.  Think of them as human being instructions.

Unfortunately for non-believers there isn’t a general foundation of moral code – the to do and not to do and why.  As lived by yours truly growing up.  That’s the equivalent of getting a highly technical new gadget with no idea what it is and does, and no instructions to help; aka you have to do things the hard way.

Today I’m sharing with you a transmorged version of the 10 commandments in an atheist friendly form. You don’t have to believe in a or any God to understand or makes sense of them.  You can debate the viability of each but just remember the point of this all. What if everyone in the world followed these as an overarching morality code? Would the world be a better place to live?

I think yes. You can add your two cents in the comments.

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10 Commandments for Every Human


1) Focus on what really matters in life: love, respect and humanity

2) Put your love and affection into the world and people instead of things
– An iPhone won’t comfort you on your deathbed, but the people you can call with it can.

3) Don’t compromise yourself or speak unkindly about the things that matter in your life
– Otherwise, what’s the point of talking?

4) Take time off during the week to honor the things and people you love

5) Honour your mother and father
– If you can’t respect the people who made you, above any bs they put you through, then what’s the point of life? Really.

6) Don’t kill people (or even think about killing yourself for that matter)

7) Don’t cheat on your partner

8) Don’t steal
 – This includes physical and virtual goods.  Stealing is stealing, no matter the context. If you want something, work for it. 

9) Don’t lie
You’re the one who has to face yourself in the mirror.  It’s much easier to do with a clear concious.

10) Don’t be jealous or envious of other people, be grateful for what you have and yearn to be the best version of you


Why does this matter you ask? If you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, it’s hard to get up and go.  Having a moral foundation makes the choices and adversity you face in life easier.  Right or wrong.  Pretty simple right?

I may believe in God, but that doesn’t mean you have to.  All I ask is that you believe in something, and the above points are a great place to start a solid foundation for life.

If you’re interested in my personal journey in spirituality or have questions about it all, feel free to comment or ask.  The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.


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3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Be a Kickass Human”

  1. YES! “Your iPhone won’t comfort you on your deathbed, but the people you can call with it can.”

  2. I didn’t really expect this from chicktech but it’s actually pretty interesting. I’m a believer but know a lot of people who aren’t and could use some morals. Cheers for sharing. 

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