How to feel less crazy in 3 steps

You probably have more on your plate than there’s possible time in the day/week/month and year. That, I’m not here to solve.  Sorry, perpetual time is out of my ability…for now.  But what I am here to solve is your sanity.  Or lack thereof.

Btw, if you’re too tired to try to make things better, than technically you should be too tired to play games, watch TV and any other super random, not what you should be doing “thing.”  Keeping it real folks.

So, let’s get less crazy together and get our minds back into a positive, more creative space in three simple steps:

1) Get rid of e-stress

If you refuse to leave the internet and ‘do something’, you web goon you, get inspired online (over further stressed out). Close everything but one browser of your choice and one tab. Serenity for your eyeballs.  Now, onto one thing at a time. Yes, a totally new concept.

Email: There’s nothing like expressing your opinion when something sucks. That’s your next task, in email form. No, not evil emails making people feel bad. We’re talking about sticking it to the man where it hurts, aka unsubscribing from crappy email newsletters.  It’s a small change that you can do in seconds, that has a lasting impact.

Get inspired: It isn’t hard to get inspired online, but if you’re too busy, you’re letting other opportunities pass you by.  So take to the open road, in the form of that one browser, one tab mission and check out some beautiful things. Try Vine or Pinterest . The whole idea of the site is to share cool stuff.


2) Cook something

The best thing about cooking something is, the result is all your fault; good or bad.  If you take your sweet time and follow the instructions, it’ll turn out just fine. The whole point of this is to get you doing something manual labor-related so you’re forced to disconnect from what’s on your brain and refocus on something else.

You’ll also feel like you’ve accomplished something. Stepping away brings you closer to your vision because you can see from a different perspective – opposed to the “oh crap this is urgent omg omg panic” perspective.

Top Recipe Sites


3) Get creative

Disconnect from what you need to be doing to do something creative. Play an instrument, paint something, write a poem or play with Nanodots.  It doesn’t really matter what you do, just do something that isn’t work-work. It’s important to remember that with this task, it’ll probably take you 20 or so minutes to be okay with doing something other than work-work.  Your brain will hate you at first, until it finally starts listening to your heart and gets into it too.

Recommendations: Download an app that allows you to have some creative fun. I reco Sketchbook and  Loopy, but Voice Memos or good old Paint will get the job done too.



You are epic, so don’t think any less of yourself and your abilities at any time. Do you think Donald Trump, Oprah and Jane Addams got tired and went crazy too?  Of course, but they also did something about it to stay on course.

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