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The Twitter world is made up of all types.  Some people use Twitter to share their current status (the five W’s), while others use it to distribute content and share expertise.

There’s no “right” way to use Twitter.  I use it to keep in touch with friends, read news, and share life hacks, but the most powerful of uses for me is to collect my favorite mentors.

Now I sound like a giddy kid collecting stamps or baseball cards, but it’s surprisingly similar.  ‘Collecting’ is educational, expands your mind, is just plain fun, introduces you to a new group of people, and often has long-term value.

Imagine the possibilities if your Twitter news feed lead you down a road of personal development rather than a rabbit hole of randomness.

Twitter is a badass tool that let’s you do this.

So how do you go about growing said collection of epic mentors? To start, search Twitter for interesting mentor candidates. Use industry related keywords, buzzwords and company names. There are also some great articles on who to follow like this list by Elle and The Boost.

Next, take a scroll through their most recent tweets to see what kind of content they share. If it’s interesting, click their “Follow” button. If all they do is talk about themselves or their own company, that’s usually a sign their content isn’t going to be very useful.  You may notice that many corporate executives fall into this category *yawn!* There are some outliers of course, but a Twitter history speaks for itself.

Be picky. Like a game of Guess who, flip down/unfollow those people who aren’t leading  you in the right direction, and narrow down the results until only the best mentors are left.


I highly recommend you take the time to grow your own mentor collection on Twitter.  It’s an invaluable resource just waiting for you.

Who are some of my Twitter mentors? I’m so glad you’ve asked. Here are 5 epic chicks in tech and why I follow them.   Let’s get started shall we? Introducing….

Who: Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark Twitter Profile

Dorie Clark Twitter Profile

Tweet Sampler:

Dorie Clark Tweet

Why You Should Follow Dorie:

Dorie shares some of the greatest advice on entrepreneurship, being a leader and best practices from people who’ve been there and done it. I stumbled upon Dorie while reading a post she wrote on Harvard Business Review.  She shares her own work and the epic work of others, which I really appreciate. She’s a definite must follow for anyone looking to succeed in the ever-changing world of leadership and tech.

Who: Christine Tsai

Chrstine Tsai Face

Chrstine Tsai Twitter

Tweet Sampler:

Chrstine Tsai tweet

Why You Should Follow Christine:

Christine is a founding partner of 500 Startups, a world-renowned startup accelerator.  Although many of her tweets are about 500 Startups specifically, the content (new tech, hiring, venture capital) itself is always current. Want to stay in the loop about Silicon Valley startups culture and innovation? She is a must follow.

Who: Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou Headshot

Tracy Chou Twitter

Tweet Sampler:

Tracy Chou Retweet

Why You Should Follow Tracy:

Besides being a passionate Pinterest engineer, Tracy is best known for her ingenuity and dedication to paving the way for diversity in tech.  If you care about the topic, I insist you FOLLOW HER.

Who: Natalie Panek

Natalie Panek Twitter Profile

Natalie Panek Twitter Copy

Natalie Panek

Why You Should Follow Natalie:

Natalie is literally a rocket scientist. She tweets about everything from the latest SpaceX launches, the science behind F1 cars and the importance of women in tech. She’s young, fierce and a must follow.

Who: Marie Chevy

Marie Chevy Profile

Marie Chevy Twitter Details

Tweet Sampler:

Marie Chevy

Why You Should Follow Marie:

Marie Chevy is as scrappy as they come, but at the same time, super kind and down to earth.  She’s the leader of her own company, The Sampler App, and has her pulse on all things tech in Toronto.  I met Marie IRL at a Girls in Tech event we were both speaking at and I continue to be inspired by her desire to achieve and her hustle to get there.

Some more chicks in tech that rock:

Share your recommendations in the comments below. Thanks for taking the time to geek out with me.


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