5 Signs You’re a Jerk

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There are a lot of ways you can be tossed into the jerk category.  If you talk smack about other people, think very highly of yourself,  or don’t care about the Earth, Universe and other people, you’re probably a jerk. Or as I like to put it, a Muppet.

In case you were wondering: Muppet – a person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.

But what is it at the core that makes you a muppet? Drum roll please.


5 signs that you may be a jerk


1) Is what you say true?


2) Is it helpful?


3) Is it inspiring?


4) Is it necessary?


5) Is it kind?


If you said no to any of these, you may be a muppet. It’s hard not to be a muppet nowadays, I know.  There’s a lot of really horrible stuff happening in the world; mean people, disease, fear-mongering in the news, unrealistic expectations in the media.

But with that said, being a jerk is a choice.  It really comes down to who you want to be: A great person or a jerk.  But why be a jerk when you can be awesome?

So take action. Choose to filter your thoughts and transform your life and the people around you.  Can you imagine if you only said good things and then started only thinking good things?  Just think about the sweet pay-off.  If you give 100%, you don’t ever have to look back and say you would have done things differently. You can say you did everything you could, and the rest was up to the universe. Awesome right?


How to be an anti-jerk


It’s not an easy task by any means, but there is a super awesome short cut.  Take those same 5 signs from above and use them in your favor as a filter.  Before you say or write something, THINK:

T – Is what you say true?


H – Is it helpful?


I – Is it inspiring?


N – Is it necessary?


K – Is it kind?


If it isn’t, then don’t say it. Stupidly simple. I triple dare you to try it. Make each and every word and thought count!  We both know the world doesn’t need another jerk.  Transcend and be awesome.  Pave the path geek.

If you want to know more about the Think theory, I highly recommend grabbing your own copy of New Believer’s Bible.  This is where the THINK theory comes from. It has changed my life, no kidding.

Btw, thanks for taking the time to read this. I know you’re busy and could be doing other things.  There are certain things I come across that instantly make my life better, and that’s really what I’m trying to share with you.


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