5 Ways to Provide Your Users Even Better Content

How to Provide Your Users Better Content

1) Have more than “good” content
Your content should be so good, people will want to throw money at their screen.

Here’s what great content looks like:



2) Have relevant content to your target market

Are you trying to win over the world? Or on the opposite spectrum, just writing to please yourself?

Here’s where you can always find great advice:



3)  Are you telling people about your site? 

If you build it. They will come.  No.  No, they won’t.  Here’s are two great resources to help you spread the good word.



4) Is your website user friendly?

Does exploring your website include feelings of joy or pain?

To help keep UX stay in the forefront of your reading materials and mindset, check out these resources:



5) Is your website built for show or for go?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t about tricking the system, it’s about understanding the system so you can better share your epic content with the world.

So go ahead and share it:




Now giver ‘er governor.  And by that I mean share your resources and comments below.





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