6 Signs it’s Time to Disconnect from the Web

6 Signs you need to disconnect

1) You don’t know what to do with yourself for more than 5 minutes without a screen in your face.

2) You’ve logged into Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter more times than you’ve checked something off your to do list.

3)  The last time you made eye contact with a book was……

4) You sleep with your cell phone, and see nothing wrong with it.

5) If the wifi cuts out for longer than 5 minutes, you start to actually panic.

6)  You’ve been using slang from your favorite YouTube or Netflix TV show character…. b!%@h.


Do yourself (and the world around you) a favor and disconnect. You’d be shocked at how smart and creative you really are sans Google.com.  We both know Google could use a little time by itself in the corner too.

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One thought on “6 Signs it’s Time to Disconnect from the Web”

  1. Speaking from experience disconnecting from all devices is so important. It’s funny how we don’t see ourselves at screenwatchers, but we are. Soon enough we’ll have screens in the shower. I’m scared and excited hahahaha

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