* Mission *


Where am I?

ChickTech is a blog about positive thought hacks and ways to inspire your inner geek.

What on earth have I stumbled upon?

  • Insightful thought hacks
  • Stories about inspiring people, things and ideas
  • Daily motivational ‘Wise Words’
  • Cool apps, gadgets and tools
  • Positive and encouraging news
  • Epic edutainment videos
  • Filth free entertainment

Where are the post dates?

Like the little black dress and a V6 engine, some things are timeless. Thus making time irrelevant. Think about it.

Why does this site exist?

  • To set a good example for youth
  • A getaway from the negativity of gossip & mainstream news
  • To evoke readers to make every action, word and thought count
  • A safe place for chicks who are more geek than girly girl
  • As an online legacy for the founder, contributors and commenters

email us at chicktech.com

Don’t just stand. Stand up for something.