Best Last-Minute Geek Gift Idea

Merry Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, you leave buying gifts to the very last minute.  Lucky for you, I’ve done this so many years in a row, I’ve got a one-size fits all solution.  

For the price of your time and a semi-decent USB flash drive….is the perfect gift waiting to happen.

usb via

Sound crazy?  Well imagine receiving a USB flash drive filled with some of the coolest, most interesting programs, videos, movies, music and links of all the things you love.  Badass right?

If you aren’t sure of all the things they love (say a boss, coworker, new friend, secret Santa) fill it with all the things you love. What’s sweeter than sharing all the things you love with someone you love on the holidays?

To make it even more personable, add in a Word doc/PDF that acts as an e-card, with a message specifically for that person and why they deserve your oh-so important bandwidth and time.


USB Stick Topic Ideas:

  • Coast to Coast Downloads (Conspiracy theories)
  • Meditating and Hypnosis Tracks
  • Helpful business resources and tips
  • Top 5 favorite music albums
  • Top 5 favorite movies
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • BBC Earth anything
  • National Geographic’s Journey to the Edge of the Universe


You can get a decent USB flash drive from Best Buy and Future Shop for pretty cheap, especially if you’re looking at the 4-8GB range. A geeky version from an online store like ThinkGeek starts at $14 and goes to $150 plus shipping.

GEEK APPROVED IDEA:  If you want it to be a gift that keeps on giving, you can create USB stick(s) to regularly pass around between friends, with different topics you’re all interested in.


PANIC… Stores are Closed!

Hold your horses there friend. You can achieve the same epic gift on the cloud, using a service like Dropbox.  Just don’t forget to do a little something, something to make it personable, like the e-card idea I mention above.



mm candy cane

Final Thoughts: Christmas gifts aren’t about the actual gift  but the effort taken to show someone how much you care and appreciate them.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.





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  1. Great idea, especially the super last minute DropBox idea. It’s great if you forget about someone on your list. It happens to the best of us ;)

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