How to Play Chess in a Minute

Chess in Less Than a Minute

Chess is one of those games that instantly gives you geek cred.  Unfortunately it’s not the easiest of games to ‘get.’ Until now…

Besides just street geek cred, the benefits of chess are pretty impressive:

  • Chess optimizes the memory performance
  • Chess improves visualization (you have to pre-plan your strategy and think on the spot)
  • Improvement in cognitive functioning (as chess improves attention, memory, organization skills and perception)

Luckily chess champ Jennifer Shahade and Chess Life Online have come together to create some really epic videos to help.  On that note, I bring you the basics of chess in less than a minute:


Doesn’t it seem a little too easy now? So you know the basics, it’s time to test what you just learned.  You can play hassle free chess against a computer here Seriously, no sign ups, just play.

What’s the worst that could happen from learning how to play chess? Increase brainpower? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

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