Chick Tech Org – Inspiring Girls in Tech

It was the end of the semester, and time to pick classes for next semester. I went with the normal, English, law and whatever business class I could find.  For the final credit, I wanted to pick mechanics. But I didn’t.

The year before, I wanted to pick chemistry. I didn’t.

I didn’t on both accounts because I wasn’t good at either. I was actually terrible in chemistry. I couldn’t memorize the formulas and I was terrible at math. In shop class, I broke more than I had fixed.

With that said, I truly loved it anyways. The sciences ignited my passion for creativity and understanding of the universe. It was fun.

I wish I didn’t care if I was good at it or not. Instead, I wish cared more about following my heart, than failing or looking stupid.

Thankfully organizations like ChickTech now exist. They create badass events and programs to encourage girls in tech.  It’s a safe place to learn, tinker and be yourself.

ChickTech is close to my heart, and even more obviously my own website name.  Funny story (ask me about it). The founder of Chick Tech Org, Janice, is one of the most inspiring, driven and fabulous women I have ever met.


If you can take part in a local event, do it. DO IT! You won’t regret learning something new and being around inspiring women in tech.   Please share with all the chicks in tech you know <3

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