How to Combat a Geek Hissy Fit

 “Gosh…ugh….seriously!…this is bull shit. I need a new…”

We all succumb to it at one point or another. We get pissed off a something that doesn’t load properly, isn’t fast enough, doesn’t sync or just isn’t working.  At the time it just feels right getting mad. But after, you realize it’s just sheer geek dumbassary.

Geek Hissy Fit: (also known as temper tantrum) happens when doing stupid things, not paying enough attention or having lack of patience for reality.  Child-like in nature and in action, and quite literally means one is not acting like a reasonable or responsible adult.


Signs You’ve Thrown A Geek Hissy Fit


  • You get pissed off when your laptop cable gets caught under your chair
  • Food exploding in the microwave makes you instinctually say: “Ughhhhhhh..common.”
  • You’ve sworn when unsuccessfully trying to tear perforated paper out of your notebook
  • You’ve thrown out toothpaste because it’s too hard to get out of the tube
  • You turn hulk-like (noticeably exacerbated) if Photoshop, Chrome and Illustrator freeze
  • The loading symbol is the bain of your existence
  • You consider that stoplight near your office a “deathly long wait.”


It sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Well, I have the solution to shut down even the geekiest of hissy fits. This could save tables from being flipped and keyboards from being broken all around the world.  The answer, reality and gratefulness.

As you know in your soberest of moments, reality is just life in a broader perspective.  You can white rabbit that though all the way down to the molecular level as us as simple humans. You know, just one of the many creatures to have inhabited this earth, which is a mass of molten rock flying through space, in a series of other planets, objects and unknowns. This compared to say Chrome freezing or Google Docs crashing just doesn’t really add up. Like Louis C. K. says, JUST WAIT.

In the moment of epic fail it may seem like freaking out is the right thing to do, but there’s a saying that it’s all about perspective. And it’s true. Case in point:


If you woke up every day reminded that you were born dying, wouldn’t that give you a boost? You know, to make the most of everything and not so much the stupid time wasting stuff, including gossip, hate and fear.  Especially those mini geek tantrums that are probably funnier than the worst moment of your life.  Just then maybe we’d make it/us/this life we have, count instead of just trying to get stuff done.

I kind of got deep on you there, but you know you need it sometimes. It’s hard to be epic. All the hard work, all the time. The constant thinking.  But you are epic so keep being epic. And don’t forget to get epic’er.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”
Henry Ford

Btw you’re cooking with nuclear energy you cheeky scoundrel!
Ps. Please forward this to all the crazy gamers you know that thrown things.




Geek Pet Peeves via BuzzFeed on YouTube

Quote via Inspiration Quotes for Word Press


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