Customize & Organize Your Desktop, Like a Boss

Ashley actual computer wallpaper. Fully customized.

Does your desktop often resemble something a baby threw up? I have a coworker that has more desktop icons than I have ever seen, or thought was possible.  Besides being an eyesore, its stupidly inefficient.

Sure, you may know what’s on your desktop, but wouldn’t it be nice to know where that specific file you’re looking for is without having to eye-scan for it? You know, organized opposed to just being somewhere.

I’ve been brewing over how to solve this problem for ages.  If I were more technically inclined, I would whip up some code and create a plugin for my Window’s desktop….but no such luck. That’s not my forte.

Instead, I’m what you can call a makeshift kind of girl.  If technology wasn’t around, I’d be one of those weirdo’s who’s into using ducktape for everything. Luckily technology saved me from that.  So in this case, I’ll embrace it web 2.0 style.

The solution to organizing your desktop is as simple as creating your own organization-based wallpaper. Sound easy? Well it pretty much is.

Using whatever illustration tool you have on your system (say Paint, Photoshop or Illustrator), create a layout (using shapes of lines) of where your files should go on the screen.  Here are some examples of aspects you should keep in mind:

– Cordoned spaces for your regular icons (Chrome, Dropbox, Recycle Bin)
– Colour coded spaces for your current in-use documents (for ongoing projects)
– Labels!

The featured image of this post is my actual wallpaper.

It looks stupidly simple, but it’s all I need.  Perhaps you’re one of those people that needs a puppy as your background image to keep you motivated during work, but maybe you should reconsider for the sake of efficiency and more importantly, your visual sanity. You can always work around the puppy image (I type with a grimace face).

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