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I am t pain - the most epic app of the month on ChickTech.com


For August, I choose “I Am T-Pain” as the most epic app of the month.  Now I’ve paid for some stupid apps on my iPhone, and I was skeptical of this one, but trust me this one is fun. Price wise, it’s 2.99 plus tax. 

It’s called I Am T-Pain, named after the ‘rapper’ , and it’s an auto-tuner for your iPhone.  An auto tuner basically corrects the pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise inaccuracies and mistakes by picking the perfect pitch based on the tone it hears.

Even though you may find artist T-Pain increadily annoying, along with the other artists who can only ‘sing’ that way, you’ll dig and grow respect for the fact the auto-tune makes your singing actually sound good. Yes it’s robotic, and the fun won’t last forever, but this shit is popular right now and it’s just plain fun.

Click here to see a link to a funny video of famous people giving it a shot.

I Am T-Pain Screenshot

Is there a pitfall? Well you have to plug in headphones in order to make it work like you see in the video, but you now know that scam.  Worse, you have to purchase extra songs to add them to your library. It only comes with 5 ‘real’ songs, which are all by including T-Pain, 3 beats or a silent setting.

If you’re not convienced after watching that video, check out mine below.



Click here to see the official website.

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