The History of Game Controls


Ever have some random idea that you don’t know what to do with? I don’t have too many, but I do have a growing folder with random notepad files of ideas.  So instead of archive this one into it too, I’m sharing it.

In line with the fact that the only way humans can evolve on this planet is through technology, innovation and love. Here’s my epic idea of how to innovate the Playstation 3 controller to make it more ergonomic. Though my mock up is primitive, it gets the point across.

custom ps3 controller

New Aspects Explained:

1) Chicklet non-click buttons – For one, I really hate the button clicking sound.  I’m a button masher myself, so that surround sound of button mashing when friends are over just erks me.  With a little fabrication, be it with some form of fabric of tactile material, or in the nature of how the button is installed, both the directional and main controls can be click free forever.

2) Touchpads – Those analogues are functional but a little primitive. I think it should be upgraded to directional and pressure sensitive touch pads. Something similar to a MacBook touch pad.  If you haven’t experienced this, head to a Future Shop and give it a go. It’s an impressive and highly accurate step up from typical touchpads.

And if you’re not willing to part with those, you can always keep the analogue joysticks and change the main directional pad to a touch pad.

3) Reduced weight – Lastly, I’d reduce every extra little space to further reduce the weight and ergonomics.

That’s my two-cents. Long live Playstation!

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