Fairy Tales Really Can Come True

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to live the life of a fairy tale.  I could picture being in love with a wonderful man, having a beautiful family and just being a happy person.

Somewhere between then and adulthood,  I convinced myself it was impossible.

I could blame the media, for helping me become a selfish tool of a body suit. Hating myself for how I looked, no matter how hard I tried. I could blame my genes, upbringing and experiences too, but the truth is, I can’t.  Not honestly any way.

The truth is, the only thing standing inbetween the life we want to live and how we live now, is our own head and the choices you make now. And now. I think you get what I mean.

The secret to living a fairy tale life is to live up to your part in it. That’s where most people fail. They don’t try. They know what they want, but they don’t bother to fight for it.  Live it.

As silly as it sounds, the answers are awaiting you in a mirror just like the fairy tale Snow White.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the most <insert God given talent here> of them all? 


Look into a mirror and ask yourself these tough love questions:

  • Do I make the right choices when in a compromising situation?
  • Do I care about making the world a better place?
  • Am I a nice person?
  • Do I set goals for myself and complete them?
  • Can I recognize my own strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do I fall in the face of temptation (over greed, lust and power)?
  • When I fall or fail, do I get up a stronger and smarter person than I was before?
  • Do I judge people?
  • Do I love with all my heart?

Now you can lie to yourself while doing this, or convince yourself that what you’re doing is right, but the truth is you are a reflection unto the world. What you think, you become. What you give out, you get back.


Faced with the Truth


What I never realized when I was young, is that there’s a tremendous freedom in doing the right thing, loving with all your heart and living in the moment. If you do, you can look yourself in the mirror knowing you did everything you could to live the fairy tale.

Sure it’ll be a hard journey of ups and downs (like that fairy tale formula repeated), but isn’t the possibility of living a fairy tale life of true happiness worth it?

I say it’s worth a shot. So say we all?

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