What To Do With Your Old Coins

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The US federal reserve has over $1 billion in coins stored (NPR).  I would bet that you have at least a few hundred in yours.

Here’s what to do with your old coins:



Unless you’re the accounting type, saving money isn’t fun.  Unless you have the little gizmo in the main pic, which obviously makes saving fun. Two words that don’t normally go together. You can get this Plinko for $20 at www.geekalerts.com.   I’m not advocating you buy this particular bank, there are plenty of options out there, including at one of my favorite online stores ThinkGeek.  Pick something you’ll have fun with.  If it doesn’t make you giggle/smile, it’s not the right one.


2) $$ CASH THEM IN $$


  • Use a coinstar machine at your local grocery store
  • Bring them to the bank

Unless you have a lot of quarters and dollar coins, this has a serious opportunity cost (time vs effort).  You can learn more about how to be a successful coin saving ninja here.  Are you a penny hoarder? It may be worth your time to be, but penny saving is a long-term game.  Here are some interesting facts on why you should save your pennies.




A penny to some, a medium to others. Coins are made up of metallic chemical elements after all.


coin chair

50-cent chair designed by www.johnnyswing.com



stacey lee weber


Wrench Art by penny ninja Stacy Webber

Yes, it’s illegal but that doesn’t stop you doing illegal things, like speeding. I suggest you follow your heart and do whatever you want to do.


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