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How to Combat a Geek Hissy Fit

 “Gosh…ugh….seriously!…this is bull shit. I need a new…”

We all succumb to it at one point or another. We get pissed off a something that doesn’t load properly, isn’t fast enough, doesn’t sync or just isn’t working.  At the time it just feels right getting mad. But after, you realize it’s just sheer geek dumbassary.

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A Winning Attitude in 6 Stupidly Simple Steps

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A few days ago I came across the article “How to Achieve a Winning Attitude in 6 Easy Steps” by Bnet. They always have good business related content, but usually it’s a ‘take it and go’ type of read. But not this time. So for the sake of your sanity and time, here it is in sweet, sweet snippets.

Want a winning attitude?  Here’s the solution in 6 steps.  You can’t go wrong! DO IT…HEY JUST DO IT.

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