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A Winning Attitude in 6 Stupidly Simple Steps

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A few days ago I came across the article “How to Achieve a Winning Attitude in 6 Easy Steps” by Bnet. They always have good business related content, but usually it’s a ‘take it and go’ type of read. But not this time. So for the sake of your sanity and time, here it is in sweet, sweet snippets.

Want a winning attitude?  Here’s the solution in 6 steps.  You can’t go wrong! DO IT…HEY JUST DO IT.

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HD Video Tour of the Universe

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Discovery Channel special “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” is one of the most epic videos I have ever watched. Yes, I said it and mean it, ever.  It’s shot from a first person perspective, in a way I can only describe as an e-rollercoaster. Continue reading

A No Fail Way to Find Broken Glass

Post - Limp Bizkit  - break your f*&king plates and glasses tonight

Oppahahhh! Glass is fun to break when you mean to do it, but not so much every other single time.  I’m guessing you too have never encountered any ancient curse or magical good luck from the mistake, just the sheer annoyance of trying to find over 1,000 tiny shards of invisibility.

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How to Stick it to Procrastination for Good

How to really overcome procrastination

Are you a serial procrastinator? Or do you just want to better optimize your time during specific periods of the day? Well I’ve stolen the solution…

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How to Become a Math Geek in Less than 10 Minutes

math shouldn't suck

When’s the last time you actually had to do math without a calculator?  I’d put money on the fact you haven’t had to use exponents with decimal places since grade 6 math.

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What’s Your Stupid Human Trick?


With a video like this. What else is there to say other than go out there and do the stupid human trick you were put on this earth to do. I just did mine; share epic stuff.

The world is waiting…