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Top Sites to Find Free eBooks on Technology and Fiction

“Top Sites to Find Free eBooks on Technology and Fiction”
Beth Graddon-Hodgson
If you’re someone who likes to sit down with a good book and feel the pages at her fingertips, then you better start getting over it; eBooks are the wave of the future, and as online news sites and blogs are quickly leading newspapers to extinction, eBooks are likely to replace books that have been around for centuries. This is a trend that’s not just picking up with the technology obsessed; since eBooks do not require the cultivation of trees, they’re far more eco-friendly, so many are jumping on the bandwagon and are learning to appreciate the technology even if gadgets are not their first love.
The Kindle is perhaps the most popular eReader out there; created by Amazon, the site also offers many popular fiction, non-fiction and resource-based novels in eBook form. Currently topping their list of most popular novels purchased by readers for their Kindles are “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown, “The Christmas Bus” by Melanie Carlson, and “Going Rogue: An American Life” by former governor of the United States, Sarah Palin. These are some of the eBooks that appeal to the masses – those that are choosing eReaders for convenience and environmental reason, and not because of their love for the technology.
While the books that would also typically be in Trade Paperback form can be costly, there are others that are available for free from sites like , a site that has a wealth of books on technology related topics; or which features titles that offer learning and insight into technology-related topics, like operating system use, and game and multimedia development.
Additional websites that offer free eBooks that can be used on an eReader like Kindle, or on an iPod or Blackberry include and Scribd. These sites are fantastic, because they offer free books on a variety of topics, and while many women know that they can purchase eBooks from sites like Amazon, they’re not aware that the creation of the eBook has also lead to the development of modern day libraries for the technologically inclined!
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Nikola Tesla – the man, the genius, the creator of electricity

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Nikola Tesla, the great “creator” of electricity. He is best known for making marketable use of electricity and even other advances with the use of electricity and electromagnetism. Nikola’s advancements had made today a much more comfortable living for us and his inventions and profitable marketing of electricity has never been forgotten.
Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, in a small town called Smiljan in the then Austrian Empire which is now a true part of Croatia. Tesla grew up in a somewhat normal childhood and became greatly fascinated with the workings of electricity by watching thunderbolts jolt down from the sky. In 1875, he got into the acclaimed Austrian Polytechnic University where he went to study electrical engineering and processing. Although he did not finish his schooling at this University he was still trapped by the wonders of electricity and current.
He dropped out of Austrian Polytechnic, and emerged himself to Slovenia where he broke off some ties with his family and he started to form a panic attack of not knowing where to go in his young life. After snapping and calming down, Tesla’s father recommended that he go to an accredited university in Prague, wherein he learned more about current and air waves. A few years later, Tesla found himself in New York after a colleague recommended that he should move to America and found Thomas Edison, who he wanted to work with dearly.
His friend gave out a letter to Edison stating that Tesla had the brains to understand the workings of machines, so Edison decided to give it a shot and hire Tesla to help him work on the book, Edison’s Machine Works. Tesla grew dissatisfied with working with Edison and his company and he eventually made his own in 1886 called Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing. He began experiment with objects such as vacuum tubes, which he would later develop into x rays. Among many of his discoveries were his magnifying transmitter, arc light bulbs, wireless transfer of electricity (which has been called the Tesla effect), and wireless communication such as the basis of the use of the radio and its oscillators.
Tesla even produced the diagrams and the concept usage of electrical powered vehicles, which were way ahead of his time of inventions. During World War I, he looked for overseas investors and created something fitting for the war, a VTOL aircraft concept, which was used in World War II. Tesla’s achievements and inventions are never forgotten and he has several monuments in his honor. He was truly ahead of his time and created many ideas for our future that we have put into motion.


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