Your Geeky Duty to the Next Generation

Your Geeky Duty to the Next Generation

Inspiring girls is part of our duty as geek chicks (and dudes). We’ve already gone through the tough times of growing up. Why not impart some wisdom? Lord knows it wasn’t easy.

I sincerely applaud you if you’ve been imparting your wisdom to fellow geek girls along the way.  Some of you have done it directly by becoming teachers, others by graciously giving 110% of yourself by living out your dreams.

I dedicate this post to you ladies and gents.

If you haven’t had a chance yet but want to, check out these two organizations that are near and dear to the geek in me.  Maybe they’ll inspire you and you’ll find your own way to help inspire the next generation.

Btw, if you know of  or have an organization you’d like to add for a future post, feel free to contact me about it. We geeks need to stick together!


Girl Guides Organization

Go ahead, check it out at (opens in new window)….I’ll wait.

Girl Scouts of America created this site to get young girls excited about technology and their future high tech careers.  It has cool resources on different types of career paths and even tells success stories.

My favourite section on the site is “Inside The Web.”  There’s a great example of how cool code can be. I can imagine the responses of girls reading it, either 1) Holy crap that’s so complicated or 2) Wow, I bet I can do that.

This one is close to my heart since I’m a former Brownie; aka a mini me Girl Guide.


Chich Tech -

Another huge inspiration to me is Yes you heard me right. It’s a non-profit out of Portland Oregon that  creates events for girls and women so they can try out high tech careers hands-on.  I’m proud to be a e-volunteer.

They have a high school event upcoming that has some pretty sweet workshops. The kind I only wish I could have gone to as a kid. I actually went to bird camp. Jokes ensue, I know.


Now, I know there’s a lot on your plate, but sharing your story is important don’t you think?  Especially to that young geek chick in the making who’s looking for inspiration or needs someone proper to look up to.  We all need a mentor and can be a mentor.  It’s our geeky duty!


~~~ To all the girls out there ~~~


Be more than pretty. Be pretty and awesome. No matter what difficulty, setback or disability you have, you can become ANYTHING.  It’s just up to you to put the time and heart into actually becoming it. Set goals. Make little wins into big ones.


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