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When I was a kid, I really loved curling up in a cozy, quiet place to read a nice book.  Some of my fav reads were by H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”, anything Nancy Drew and as a bit of a war machine buff, Tom Clancy regularly rocked my book worm geek world.

Nowadays, you won’t catch me with a book. It’s not that I don’t read, I’m always reading, it just it can’t hold the same attention span as it used to. There are things to do and places to go!  Thanks to something called the internet (ohh innovative!! <—super sarcasm alert), I now have the ability to read about pretty much anything, anywhere and any time. And more importantly, about what I want while doing something else I want.

The items I mention aren’t so much about reading and books, but about using the right technology to gain knowledge like you would a book.


The iPhone

I will forever refer to this bad boy as the hard core multi-tasker.  Here are some of the things I think the iPhone was made for:

 The Bible app – You can read or have it read to you. Genius! I love this in iPhone form because I can curl up in bed and read, and then fall asleep to thoughts of the all mighty.

Let’s Create! Pottery – Build and style the clay pot of your dreams. It’s also a challenging game! (free and paid editions). This is the best waste of creative time you will ever spend. And yes, it is just as epic on the iPad. I just like knowing it’s with me at all times. Loopy is a close second.

Corus radio app – Feeling like listening to something a little different while you work? For my fellow Canadians, you should download this app. Not only does it have a selection of different types of radio stations, you can live stream Maple Leaf hockey and Coast-to-Coast via AM640. What else could you possibly need? Except maybe the next items.

Star City Games Mobile – For all your Magic the Gathering geek needs.  Search for new cards, looking through the list of epic cards, read Magic stories (highly geeky) and check out prices.

Notes – Have an idea? For the love of God WRITE IT DOWN. It comes with your phone, so you have no excuse :)


The iPad


Simple Mind+ – Mind map anything and everything! I use mine for mapping out business ideas, goal setting and even organizing my Christmas list. – Take a screenshot and you have a gallery of clothes you love and that inspire you

Stanza – What’s better than a free book? A bunch of free, epic books. Enough said!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs – Learn some new chords or even how to play guitar with this app. Music will expand your mind, man! Here’s me just messing around on my guitar via Reverbnation.

Surfing the web – Don’t underestimate how great this little guy can be for research.  It’s great to have around in case you think of something you want to look into; without having to dig out your laptop. It’s also epic if you need to work on something outside but require a manual. I use it for motorcycle repairs.


So there you have it.  Some of the best ways to use the best two technologies I have in my life.  I hope I introduced something new to you or reminded you of something you already have that you could be making better use of.

In a coming article I’ll be discussing the bare-necessities of what it means to run a geek-approved PC.

Have something cool to add to this? I’d love to hear about it! Email me here:  info at chicktech dot com.

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