Happy birthday to the man who founded Girl Guides

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Did you know the founder of Girl Guides isn’t actually a girl? Born February 22, 1857, Lord Robert Baden-Powell is the founder of Girl Guides and Scouts.

When an increasing number of girls wanted to join Scouts, Lord Robert decided that girls should have their own separate movement. With the idea and help of Lord Robert, Girl Guides spread from the UK to the USA, Poland and France.

What he didn’t know back in 1910 when he did, is that he would alter the history of girls around the world, and continues to with the increasing number of new regiments. The concept of Girl Guides has evolved over the years.

In 2003, I was approached by Janice Levenhagen-Seeley about my blog name “ChickTech.” She wanted to use it as the name of her non-profit that creates STEM and leadership focused events for girls. She explained that she didn’t feel like girls were getting the inspiration or hands-on experience they wanted or needed, so she created ChickTech. Growing up as a “Brownie” myself, which is the Canadian equivalent, I was overjoyed at sharing the namesake.

Today we’re all reminded that without the initial prowess of Lord Robert, we ladies may not have grown up quite the same. In my case, my incestuous curiosity for adventure, and ChickTech.org would likely not have existed today to inspire the future leaders of STEM.

Happy Birthday Lord Robert Baden-Powell!

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