The World is your Oyster, but Home is Where the Heart is

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Much like you, I’ve travelled the world; for work, inspiration, and to find myself.   I too have seen some pretty amazing, crazy, beautiful and awe inspiring things.  A lot of strange stuff too.

Nothing has ever compared to Canada as we both know.

  • Not the kindness of the people.
  • The cleanliness of the land.
  • The beauty of the landscape.
  • The freedom

I imagine Canada is much like us on our birthday.  Humbled.  And more than anything else, hoping everyone else is having a great time.

“Are you guys good over there in PEI? The waters are warmer than usual this year, which is great for swimming. Hey there Vancouver, you guys are really rocking the GDP this year. I don’t mind putting off the major earth quake again this year.”

Oh Canada! Happy Birthday you humble glorious, honking beast of a land.

You are in my heart just as my feet are rooted into your soil. Home, sweet home.

Happy Canada Day!

Love Canada too? Show it some love besides cerebrating tonight. Here are simple ‘top 10’ things you can easily add and check off your to do list at work and home.

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