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I don’t know about you, but as a kid, being a DJ was one of those cool jobs I always wanted to do; or try at least.  Oh…the fame, partying, and lifestyle.

However, things didn’t quite pan out that way and here I am today.  Hey I’m not complaining, especially not now with this puppy. The Hercules DJ Console is a portable but fully functional virtual DJ’ing system.

Okay so maybe I’m not prepared to drop $300 to fulfill this mini-half-dream but if I can convince a friend to, why the heck not.

The system incorporates two touch sensitive pads and loads of knobs, dials and buttons, which means, yes, you can use all those old school scratch techniques. You can also create loops out of a beat of your choice. You can use the system stand alone but the real magic comes together when you link it up to your computer.  Hercules provides Virtual DJ software.  To see it in action here.

So, if you feel like living the DJ dream, here’s a fully functional mini-system that won’t cost you $5,000+.  It even does karaoke, so if that doesn’t sell it, what will.

For my fellow music lovers…



Official Hercules DJ product website – http://www.hercules.com/uk/DJ-Music/bdd/p/62/dj-console-rmx/

Supposed cheap source: http://www.samedaymusic.com/prodsearch?q=hercules&button=&form=search

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