How good are you at being human?

Knowing how to be a 21st century human isn’t always easy.  Life is generally random and often pretty difficult; despite the best life hacks in the world.  This isn’t an excuse, this is a fact. Go ahead, Google it.

As a baby human, you were taught everything you should know to be a successful adult human. At least what they knew at that time.  Our parents, unlike typical animal parents come from various upbringings, including different places from around the world.  I’m a Canadian-British-German.

There isn’t one course or primitive way of educating a human into reaching a cookie-cutter adult mold. We’re all very different, from culture, country to each family within a “pack.”  Essentially, we all grow up through very different experiences depending on the what, where and when we were where we were.  Because of this, we’re all inequitably unique.  Kinda beautiful isn’t it?

Human Training
Most animals have a very specific role in their family, as part of their purpose in life. Breeder, protector, hunter, and gatherer. We humans don’t abide by this same logic. We take the shotgun education approach and teach everything we think a human should need to know about everything.  Give or take religion, culture and conspiracy theories.  Have you kept up your human training?

The one thing you have full control over as a human is your thoughts. Outside forces may cause confusion, fear, disconnect, and doubt, but what you think about and focus your time on is totally up to you.  It’s incredibly freeing when you really think about it.  What do you think about most?

No matter the circumstance or situation, you are in complete control of the choices you make. You can fight back, hide, speak out, go silent, hurt, get hurt, be afraid, live in fear, live in doubt, live without question.  So, so many options, but it’s up to you to make and take them.  Are you making choices you can stand by and be proud of?

Based on the fact we’re all unique, it also means we all serve a different purpose. It’s the most logical answer.  To think we don’t each serve a purpose, is to deny life itself.  Does life not evolve?  Does the work of one not have a greater influence on many? Does history not serve a purpose? Everything we’ve ever learned has taught us this. Yet some of us choose to ignore this.  Please don’t!

Much like the red pill, blue pill scene is in the Matrix, we too can choose whether to live with or without purpose.  We can work 9-5 to make ends meet, or live every day to make a difference.   Are you living a life worth remembering?

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