How music impacts our emotions

If you are what you eat and what you think about, that means music must have a significant impact in your life. Right?

I only know one person in this world who doesn’t like music.  He just doesn’t like it for whatever reason. That’s one person. The rest love it.  From country, hip hop to oldies, rock and all things real and mixed in-between.

If you hadn’t noticed, I like music too. I feature it here on

What we do know about listening to music is, it gives our brain one heck of a workout:

Music-Effect-Infographic by LifeHacker

Thanks to LifeHacker and others, for sharing this plain English version.

But what about the actual lyrics? Do they have a significant impact on your mindset and beliefs?

I don’t need to paste lyrics here to express the state of expletives and sexuality in some of today’s mainstream music.  Or that a lot of it isn’t close to being child friendly, let alone woman friendly.

The truth is, music subliminally influences your decisions.  Advertisers have been using this understanding as a tool for ages in retail stores to spike your enthusiasm for buying, and it really works. Here’s a very thorough study for any of you non-believers.

Some would go as far to say it’s a form of mind control, which is a pretty interesting topic in itself relating to media, consumption and government control.

So what affect does positive and negative lyrics have on you?

It’s safe to assume that there would be either no change or something positive if you listened to only positive music.

In the likelihood you listen to borderline or even negative music lyrics, the same could be said that there would be no change or a negative change.

After going a month only listening to positive music, I can say it makes a huge difference. Music changes you. I now know it can and should 1) remind you of the real important things  and 2) influence you to be a better person.

So , I implore you to re-consider what you’re listening to before you unknowingly consume it and its becomes a part of your brain; whether you like it or not.

It’s science after all.

Need some music inspiration? I have just the thing. Instruments. Sick beats. Epic live performances…..

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