How to Cure Whiteboard Withdrawal

whiteboard withdrawl


If your deep in the matrix but are in need of a whiteboard, like stat, you’ll love

It’s sharable white space that kicks Gmail’s “drawing” space right between the…well you get my drift.


Here’s what the site and drawing space look like. Don’t you want to get your mind map, organizational ninja on just seeing this? At least, I hope it’s not just me.

What dabbleboard looks like; a shareable whiteboard space

But, but but…


You’re probably asking yourself, is it easy to share? You’re sosh sarn right it is. Share the link,and you’ve got a full house.

But what about saving it? Click the save button up top and turn that bad boy piece of art into a JPG (aka image file).  Not done? Save it and come back later using the same link you use to share it.


Social Media Party  Trick!

Why not throw a free for all drawing party.  Prep the page with some random sketches and words (drinks and party mix) and you’ll have a party sooner than later. Take a few screenshots along the way, and blingo, you’ve got a blog post or some cool new Flickr, Twitter, Facebook content.


Final thoughts from a know-it-all…

I like how they’ve structured their online business like Dropbox. If you like the service, you pay for it because you use it often. Not, we want a lot of money because you probably won’t buy this again.

If you get a prettier, sleeker interface and Gmail, Twitter or Facebook API rolling, you’re golden. Oh, and a new logo. Just saying!


Try it now


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