How to Enchant People …

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Want to know how to present like a pro? Learn how to be more successful? Wouldn’t you like to be more liked by your peers?

Of course you do! We all do.

Well, I have another piece of the puzzle to gaining that. Say hello to my little friend, also known as Guy Kawasaki. If you don’t know who he is, I implore you to learn more about him here on his website.  To sum him up quickly for you busy folk, he’s best known for being an Apple evangelist and a huge player in the world of Silicon Valley venture capital. Apparently he’s also pretty rad at hockey.


Pssstt…he’s a huge inspiration in my career. I hope to have an Ashley’s Golden Touch list one day (sooner than later!)


You’ve come this far, so here it is in video form… how to be a better business person and person in general.



I also highly recommend you check out his book Enchantment. This is not an affiliate link, I make no money from it. I just think it’s worth your hard earned money.

If you’re a Twitter folk, follow him via www.  He tweets a lot, but he has some super interesting reads via AllTop.

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