How to Un-Smeagol Your Posture

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Have you noticed your posture lately?  I have mine, and it’s pretty horrible.  I’ve almost fully contorted my body into a super chilled work chair position. Cause like you, I am on a laptop pretty much all day. Except for in the washroom. I haven’t figured out a suitable work station for the shower yet.  That or I’m memorized by some other electronic device *cough* iPhone *cough.*

Part of me feels like I’m doing an injustice to that part of me that thinks ladies should be ladylike.  I picture a classy lady like Audrey Hepburn compared to my more smeagol style.  Don’t get me started on the clothes.  Back then, pants weren’t optional.  Just saying.  Most of all, I admire the mentality.  Class darling.

Psst… this is something I think we need to instil into our girl geeks more-so.  Like seriously. So don’t forget to represent ladies (and geek gentlemen).


So what does having a better posture do for you?


A good sitting posture can contribute to increased energy and stamina, better breathing, improved circulation, greater confidence, a slimmer taller look, and improved overall health. Seriously.


How to Improve Your Posture


Always try to sit upright as much as possible. Sit with your shoulders down and back and your butt all the way to the back of the seat.

The very back of your pelvis should be butted against the back of the chair for support. It is when the pelvis is allowed to rock backwards (slouch) that people start getting more back pain.

To avoid all the bad stuff and enjoy the good stuff, get started on being more aware of your posture. It’s as worth it as it is to wait all Winter for Coke slushies again in the summer. Mmm hmm!


Looking for more information on a healthy sitting position?  Nothing wrong with geeking it up health style.  Check out the source of the above tips at



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