How to Keep your Sh*t in Order

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Life is messy. Messy as heck even. It’s hard to balance every thing all at the same time.  Especially since we all live such dimensional lives; worker, mentor, lover, friend, family.

Sometimes what we need is a reminder in the form of a kick in the butt. No not a literal one, although if that’s what you’re looking for I’m here for you. I’m talking about an easy way to get your sh*t in order and done. So here it is in 3 stupidly simple,  no excuses possible steps.

1)  For the Love of God, Write it Down and Get ‘er Done

Meet David Allen. He’s the man who pretty much invented the term “Getting Things Done.”  He’s not a tell you like it is kinda guy, he’s the keeping it real and simple guy.  His organizational systems and thought process just make sense. They’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 execs to athletes.  Many businesses are structured upon his get stuff done methodology,  including Google.


2) Your Calendar isn’t like Strategizing a Game of Axis & Allies

You may think it’s hard to use your calendar as an organizational tool, but you’d be wrong.  Dead wrong.  These days you can sync your web calendar for work and your personal life, aka multiple calendar personalities.

If you have a trusty smartphone with a data plan, you can see everything, any time,  anywhere.  Every task, meeting and reminder in one sweet spot, ready to keep you on track.  It literally takes the worry out of the things you need accomplish and when, and puts your head back into what you really need it to be doing. Getting shi*t done.

What geek tools do I use?  I live in the beautiful virtual world of Google docs, including Gmail and smartphone apps and widgets.

Required reading:
HOW TO: Stay Organized With Google Calendar via Mashable.Written by under geek writer/editor/stat up expert Ben Parr. He’s a successful guy, so you can trust his ability to help you with your own sh*t.  Note, the article is a little dated but is still the best explanation of how to use Google Calendar like an online ninja.

HOW TO: Stay Organized With Google Calendar via Ben Par of Mashable


3) Learn to Zen the Sh*t out of your Desktop

Your PC desktop is like your virtual desk space. As an entryway into your online home, it should be tidy, serene and essentially a reflection of you.  It should also function for what you use your computer for. If you haven’t taken this into consideration before, I’ve shared my desktop with you so you can see how it could work for you.

I use my mom’s amazing photography as my wallpaper, which I then add makeshift mute color boxes as storage places for my icons. Slick looking right? Instead of just random files all over the place, I organize my life using Dropbox folders.

Any basic photo editing tool on your computer can help you create your own version. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but Paint will also get ‘er done.  I’m sure there are plenty of tools for your Apple Mac Book or Linux systems.

Ready to Zen your own desktop?  Here’s what to take into consideration:

  • Where do you save and back up your files normally? Should you use your hard drive or a cloud service like Dropbox?
  • Do you come up with ideas a lot? Where do your dumped items end up?
  • Do you download a lot of documents from the web?  How do you currently sort them?
  • What happens to those random files you download, don’t need but can’t seem to throw out?
Ashley’s Desktop:
Ashley of Chick Tech's Desktop
My system:
1) Program icons on the left (aka the things I actually use and need)
2) Random files I’m using right now or use regularly
3) A row of folders I use regularly for work, article ideas, brain dumps & my portfolio.
4) For when I’m lazy, I have my “sort in Dropbox later” file, which saves in Dropbox (in case my Boot Camp or hard drive crashes).


Hopefully this served as a good example of how easy it can be to get your sh*t in order.  If not, here are 5 ways to get nothing done.


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  1. I really like the custom wallpaper organizer idea. It’s so simple I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. Or anyone else for that matter.

  2. Cute wallpaper Idea. I never thought of editing the image to make space for files and icons.

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