How to learn something new in 24 hours

It feels like it gets harder and harder to learn as we get older.  Learning seemed to be a heck of a lot easier as a kid in grade school. Although you may think your ability to learn has degraded, how we learn as adults makes all the difference.   Back then, we were under a strict scheduled regimen and were practically spoon fed information.  We had the opportunity to learn within optimal circumstances; learning all the time.

The biggest difference between learning in grade school, higher education (college and university) and adulthood is choice. Opportunity cost even.

Although in university you have to be there to eventually graduate, it’s up to you to actually learn.  No one is forcing you. Just like now.

If only we could learn like they do in the Matrix, right?

1) Select skill program
2) Insert probe into back of head
3) Run program
4) Upgrade complete

Until that actually happens, and I think it eventually will, learning will continue to be a chore; a decision you make and are responsible for actually completing manually.

Whether you’re learning something out of pleasure or responsibility, there are a few ways you can optimize how you learn and how long it takes.  Let’s disseminate new information into manageable bite size pieces, shall we?  Mmm learning!

How do you learn?

You may already know your learning style (visual, audio, reading or/and kinesthetic). Let this serve as a reminder that you should do everything you can to learn within those means. For the rest of you, here is a VARK test you can take to figure it out.

For the sake of your own time, effort and sanity, it is really important to embrace your learning style. It not only impacts how fast you can learn but also how you teach and communicate with other people.  Here to tell it like it is:

How to learn in a reasonable amount of time

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. That may be the case, but no one has time for that and in fact it takes far less time to become reasonably good at something. Here’s how:


As stated so brilliantly in the video, the only thing stopping you from learning is your emotions, not your intelligence. Now go forth and learn responsibly!

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