How to Legitimately Steal Fonts

How to legitimately steal fonts

So you’re surfing the web and come across a breathtaking font, what do you do?

You can highlight it and pop it into an editing tool in hopes you already have it.  You can also scour the web trying to find ways to describe the font, but that’s like trying to find Where’s Waldo at a K-pop concert.

Luckily the world has clever coders and designers who love solving #firstworldproblems like this.

I present you a kickass free online font deciphering tool called

what font is it?

How does it work?

Upload a file or paste a URL of where the font in question is.  While the font finding is free, the fonts typically aren’t.  However you can search the font name on “free font” websites.  Or, use tools that help you match fonts.

Geek Tip: Save a snippet of the fonts you like as you browse the web and upload it later.


What would Robin Hood do?

If there’s a free version of the font available online, I say use it!   Whether you’re an individual or start up, you should be referencing the artist; giving props where props are due. If you’re from a corporation or larger business, buy the font.  You’ll be helping the economy and you can write it off anyways.

On that note, thank God for developers who come up with these helpful tools. The architects of the internet.  Have you thanked a developer today?

Thank you for reading <3

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