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The term “get lost” usually has a negative connotation, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to.

The point of this article is to use simple techniques to level up your life so you have a clearer mind, make better decisions and achieve more money doing what you love.


You may not know it but chances are you’ve been in a virtual rut. Symptoms: You re-watch your favorite You Tube videos and go to the same old websites.  You can blame your human nature for wanting to systematize for motor memory sake, but think of all the content and inspiration you’re missing out on.  If Google is having a hard time keeping track of all the new websites and pages being created, you’re bound to be missing out on some cool content somewhere on the web!

Tips to leveling:

  • – search for any random word and follow the virtual rabbit hole
  • – a topic for every type of geek
  • – inspiring & super random human trick videos

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Tony Robbins

Getting lost is the easiest level to achieve, especially for me. I can get lost in a mall and I regularly make wrong turns while driving. However this negative trait now gives me a leg up on all you oriented folks.

The point of getting lost is to surround yourself with an entirely new environment. It’s not only fun but stimulating for your brain. This kind of development, called neurogenesis, promotes brain cell growth, which is something we adults could always use a little more of. Especially since neurogenesis is most active during pre-natal development.

This is one of my favorite ways to level up. On my most memorable getting lost excursions, I’ve stumbled upon NASA, Lockheed Martin and the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen.  It does wonders to your concentration, imagination, and creativity. So go ahead and do yourself a favor and get lost, literally!

If Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire didn’t take a stroll that one day, he wouldn’t have seen the vision that inspired him to bring religious tolerance to the people from 306 to 337.

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Socializing is an integral part of our entire upbringing, from birth to death.  As a child, we don’t really have a choice as to who influenced us; as per the quote ‘you can’t pick your family.’  So as adults, it’s super important we direct our future by socializing with people of similar belief systems AND of different backgrounds, cultures and idea-sets.


  • Experience brings understanding
  • Pick up on norms
  • Expand your mind
  • Learn cool new things

If Steven Hawking didn’t go to class, he would have never been inspired by his teacher Dikran Tahta, and may have never created the gravitational singularities theory. Just image all the people who’ve since been inspired by Mr. Hawking.

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You may think that your position, company or industry will fall apart without you there for a few days, but chances are it wont. More than likely your time away will make you stronger at whatever it is you do, especially if you actually love what you do.

According to Psychology Today, taking time away can actually make you healthier and your personal relationships stronger. So if you don’t take regular vacations or times to disconnect, you’re more likely to get in a rut, get stressed out and fall ill.

Leveling tips:

  • Explore your neighborhood
  • Go camping
  • Rent an RV
  • Stay in a cabin
  • Hotel it up for a night or two

No vacation goes unpunished.  ~Karl Hakkarainen



If you think you don’t have time to level up, you’re kidding yourself and your overall well being.  If you take your professional life as serious as I think you do, then do it. No excuses.  If you have to schedule time, do it. If you have to set an alarm on your iPhone, do it.

By taking time to get lost, you will have a clearer mind, make better decisions and be even more legendary at what you love doing.

I’d love to hear how your leveling up went. Shoot me an email at  I promise not to respond with an ‘I told you so.’


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