How to use the Keyboard like a Boss

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Do you remember your first encounter with a keyboard? It was weird, right.  And learning ‘home row’ seemed like a crazy thing to do, let alone type without looking at your fingers. Madness!

But then came Mavis Beacon.  Like the Colonel Sanders guy was to KFC and that red hatted lady is from the Sun Maid Raisin Bread bag, Mavis brought us basic computing skills, aka how to use the keyboard like a boss.

But after you level out of Mavis and those mandatory high school courses are done, what happens to your typing skills?

Nowadays, we just use our known skills aka motor memory. But when’s the last time you actually worked on your typing skills? Sidenote: Have you seen the speed kid type these days?  All robots. Seriously/quite possibly.

So for the sake of your well being and relevancy in your field of whatever it is you do, that more than likely includes you typing, on a keyboard… it’s upgrade time baby!!



Bring on Typing Web

Here’s a shot from the site, so you can see how simple the interface is.  Keep in mind, I’ve cut out all the obtrusive ads on the sides of the screen.  Hideous but it’s free so worth it. And quite literally, when you get in your typing  mode, they all just disappear anyways.


learn to type like a boss via typing web


Ready to work on your skills?

Amen…follow the white rabbit here.


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