Tic Tock…How Well Do You Spend Your Time?

Tic Tock...How Well Do You Spend Your Time?

The world is spinning at 465 meters per second right now.  Seriously, it is.  That’s 1,675 km per hour (1,040 miles per hour). It’s hard to fathom all that space and time flying by.

I know you’re busy.  Like ridiculously busy.  But how well do you spend your time? You definitely take your job seriously and each task at hand. But are you really using your time wisely as a human space traveler? Here’s are three ways you can tell:


What are you doing and what effect does it have you on?


As a human, what you do has a direct impact on who you become.   Every song or speech you listen to, book you read, human interaction, new piece of information or experience, has an impact on your decision making process.

  • Music has an influence on your mood
  • Certain colors make us feel different things
  • The shows you watch have an influence on your mindset, choices and mood
  • Social media for the greater good vs self satisfaction


How do you want to spend your time?


Who you want to be in 5 years should be what you’re working towards today.

  • Live with purpose (set goals and meet them)
  • Set a good example by doing good things
  • Share your knowledge
  • Never stop learning
  • You are equally as cool online and IRL


How to instantly live a better life


In general, don’t waste time un-purposely, in particular on things that are #firstworldproblems.  Your time on Earth is short.  Plus, no one cares that you’ve had a crappy day. They have them too and don’t want to think about it.

If you’re having a bad day, get off social media and work on it. Use your voice to make a difference. Not add noise.


Call to action 


How many kilometers flew by while you were reading this post?  I hope with that in mind you’re beginning to see the importance of your time and urgency to use it wisely.

  1. Encourage someone by sharing this post
  2. Get something done you’ve been putting off
  3. Stop updating your social profiles and actually do something with yourself





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