How Well do You Use Your Time?

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Typically, we gauge how well we use our time by how much work we get done between the hours of 9 to 5.  Everything else is pretty much just free time, aka off the clock.

BUT, for those of you who want to do more with yourself, like say change the world, it takes more than 9 to 5.  If you ever want to have a million dollars in your bank account, be your own boss or make an impact in the world, it’s going to take a lot more than that. If you seriously want those thing but don’t want to sacrifice, then forget it. Really! All three are not for you.


If you’re ready to take the red pill, then you need to do one of the following, like now:


a) Take a flight half way around the world

b) Completely  disconnect for at least 10 hours.


Sitting on a plane for over 10 hours, aka to any where half way around the world, is a good way to find out how well you use your time.

Not only are you confined to a rather small space, there is also no Internet.  Both are something we don’t typically do on our own accord. We’re pretty much ALWAYS connected, and the smallest location we find ourselves is in a car. And let’s face it, most of us drive roomy boats.


Here’s my experience:


I’m in a plane, and I’m going to be here for at least 15 hours. 15 and 2o minutes to be more exact. Here’s what I observe :  A lot of people watching movies. Many other are spending their time sleeping the hours away, only waking for the food.

This particular airline, Cathay Pacific, has a plethora of means to keep one occupied. Not just TV shows, but full series’. Yes, the pluralized form of series applies. Everything from Vampire Diaries, Friends to Top Gear and The UK Office. They also have a few really great documentaries that I’d wish they’d force people to watch, including “How a Star is Made” by Discovery Channel.

Feeling confined yet competitive? Why not play a game. You can challenge the passenger next to you to a game of Pong. Or, challenge your skills with a few rounds of Millionaire, Mahjong (yes, the real kind) and hockey.

Not to mention the movie selection. While I type this I’m watching Mary Poppins. I could also be watching Casa Blanca and Jurassic Park as part of the classics section, all the way to new releases like the latest/last Harry Potter.

If you’re feeling sorrowful or bashful, you could even spend your time eating free snacks and drinking free booze. Chivas anyone?

It may not see like it, but this is pretty much how many people live their daily life. There’s a plethora of ways we can keep ourselves busy. But on the ground, we have many more ways to keep ourselves occupied. We can go pretty much anywhere, and there’s more than likely a smart phone in our pocket with pages of games and apps to keep us occupied.

It’s surprisingly easy to use up 15.2 hours of time doing pretty much nothing.  Learning nothing. Thinking nothing. Contributing nothing.



So with that said, I ask you …


How do you stay busy?

Why do you think people use this time to sleep and watch movies instead of something else?

What could you be doing to make better use of this forced disconnect time?

What would make us rethink wasting the time away to begin with?

If even an ounce of you wants to change the world for the better or make your positive mark on it, I beg you to find other ways to use your time wisely.

Hey, I think you’re worth it. <3


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