I Don’t Want Your Coins, I Want Change


Change the world - I don't want your coins, I want change.

You may think it’s not that easy to make a difference in the world, but it’s as easy as a simple click (or two). Literally.  The Internet offers a no-excuse platform for change. And no, it doesn’t always take money.

  • Reading a new perspective brings change.
  • Understanding is change.
  • Sharing is change.
  • Giving is change. 

All lead to a better mindset. So for goodness sake, at least do one of the above at least once a day. You’ll feel better, and you may just change the world.

Never let others plant a seed of doubt in your head, only that of a seed of opportunity; to grow and be an even stronger, smarter and more beautiful creature.

Tin Can Phone Shout Out - Source: http://www.jeffwidmer.com

This article goes to a special shout out to my friend @buzzzbizzz. He goes to show that anything and everything is possible from anyone, anywhere. Thanks for sharing all the buzzz!



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