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Love-yourself-first source: http://absenceofalternatives.com

I wish I could instill all the knowledge I learned growing up and take yours, and share it with every geek girl.


I can see that now more than ever, it’s hard to be a girl. Sex, money and fame are literally everywhere.  You have to consciously refuse to be molded by the media.  Not be defined by your fashion label or confined by a “desirable size.”

The only way to get away from it, is to make a conscious effort to.  Otherwise vanity will suck the life out of you.  Literally.

It’s hard to be a girl.  From eating disorders to momentary emo lapses of judgement. Dating the wrong kinds of boys/girls and focusing on the wrong things.

There’s always going to be someone prettier, smarter, faster, sings better and is more popular.  But no one is your particular makeup. No one can think the way you do. Love the way you do. Or make the world a better place with that like you can.


It’s beautiful to have aspirations.   It’s beautiful to live our your greatest dreams.  It’s beautiful to be educated.  It’s beautiful to have interests and hobbies.  It’s beautiful to put yourself before a man (except God).  It’s beautiful to have goals you strive to achieve every day.  It’s beautiful to be alone and be okay with it.

So for goodness sakes, love yourself. Every wrinkle, roll, pudge and grey.  Just as importantly, use your time wisely and make the right choices based on your future not a whim.  Your heart and body are priceless.



You have never truly lived if you’re never truly loved.  It’s science and therefore truth

Here’s one of my favorite poems of all time about love that comes straight from the Good Book. It fits right in with this message; about what love really is and means.


love never fails - the bible



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