How to have hope when you feel like giving up




Hope isn’t tangible. That’s why it’s so hard to comprehend and follow. We can’t hold hope. It can’t be touched or kept somewhere for safe keeping.  It just figuratively exists. Beyond space and time.

And we all know how well we do at comprehending stuff related to space and time. We’ll be forever trying to figure it out. Zing!

But Hope Can..

Hope can make your heart pound. Like when you were a little kid around Christmas time; excited to see what Santa brought. Or if the tooth fairy knows your tooth came out and is sitting under your pillow, awaiting to be exchanged for a dollar.

Hope can also keep your heart pounding. Hope that you’ll make it through a test. Make it through a rough relationship. Or make it through another worst day ever.

The thing we don’t realize about being human is that we’re built to have hope. We entrust in it every time we walk somewhere new, talk to someone new and read something different. At any point we could technically just fall through the sidewalk, get punched in the face by a stranger or be brainwashed by some voodoo text. But most of the time we don’t. More often than not we don’t.

Is it just instinct? It’s not instinct. That’s a fixed action pattern, like a sea turtle cracking open its egg and making a run for it into the water. That doesn’t explain it.

Is it belief? Nope, it’s not that either. Belief is based on something that justifies truth.  We’ve proven it. Hope can’t be proven.

So what is it? If I had to use a geeky formula to explain it, I’d use this:


Length of your patience + sincerity of your inner dialogue+ ability to see relevance/positivity/beauty in everyday things


Hope Directs Our Lives

Like how we steer a car into the direction we’re looking at, it’s also true that we become what we think and believe about ourselves.  Not just the funny bubbly stuff we’d wish would happen, but the skeletons in our closest, our deepest darkest fears, and the things we wish we never knew or could take back.

Hope goes beyond our mental capability.  And as difficult as that is to comprehend, the worst case scenario of hope is understanding and truth. If you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t believe it until science proves it, well you’re going to be waiting a long time. To pretty much understand ANYTHING AT ALL around us. We only see as much as our eyes can physically let us perceive. And we can often be deceived.


Hope Lives

In a world of greed, lust and anger, it’s often hard to maintain hope.  There seems to be a lot of bad people, doing a lot of bad things.  The stench of negative influences is all around – on tv, billboards, celebrities and crappy bosses. But it can never truly be crushed, smashed, blasted and nuked. It goes beyond the test of time.

Hope is often the last thing left, and the only thing you’ll ever need.

If you’re heart broken, you’ve been fired, bullied, lied to, scared, deserted, frustrated, failing, confused, or all the above and more, you can still have hope.

When you’re done crying, yelling or flailing, plant a proverbial seed of hope in your head by setting a goal or thinking about the vision of yourself you want to become.  No one can ever take it from you and once you set your mind on it, even you can’t undo it from your mind.

Just as I have hope in my darkest and greatest hours that my presence in the world somehow makes it a better place. And that my friend, can’t be taken away from me. No matter how broke I am;  how many Twitter followers I lose; what horrible comment is left on my posts and videos; or how may times my work has been denied.

And if you’re ever low on hope, find it in the serenity of inspiring songs, videos, people and places. If you look hard enough, you’ll see that they are everywhere too.

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