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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the so called “God particle” and “Higgs field” lately.  It’s pretty much all over the news.

Maybe you’re a super smarty pants and are well versed in what it’s all about. If so, you’re in for entertaining geek videos below.  If not, this could quite possibly blow your mind.  Seriously!

It all has to do with that super impressive Large Hadron Collider.

The purpose Large Hadron Collider was built with one thing in mind: To figure out how the universe started, and pretty much discover a complete understanding of everything. Yes, everything. Like:

  • where do we come from
  • what are we made of
  • is there more out there?

Less we forget we’re on this spinning planet within an ever-changing universe. It’s too easy to get caught up in really dumb stuff like money, drama and silly people.  I know I do!  For such a smart species, we’ve found a lot of ways to keep ourselves pre-occupied.

But hazahhh! There’s much more out there, and the geeks / nerds are proving it.


How so?

It all has to do with the big bang, aka how our universe started in the first place. No, not the awesome TV show. Although, you’re better off watching that than any other horrible brain numbing reality series. Anywho…  the collider was built to recreate the conditions present less than a billionth of  a second after the big bang happened.  But in a safe-ish environment. Pretty cool right!!

The entire Hadron Collider process takes up a whole lotta space, 17 miles worth, and over 200 super conducting magnets. No, not the Nanodots kind! Lord knows those geniuses would have already created a black hole with their Guinness World Record.  These superconducting magnets are all about using coils and uber cold temperatures to make electromagnetism.  The most common use of electromagnetism today is in MRI machines.  Here’s the Cole’s Notes version of a geek from General Electric explaining it.

Curious how the Large Hadron Collider works and what the geeks running it have to say?

You’re going to want to watch this –> The Search For The Higgs [1 of 3]


So why’s the Large Hadron Collider suddenly all popular even though it has been around since 1983?


I never thought you’d ask!  Scientist geeks around the world have been trying to solve the conundrum, called Higgs Boson, for a very long time. Only now, over 20 years later, they’re super close to solving it.  To keep it simple, the conundrum has to do with your weight.  Think of it this way, when you wake up in the morning and weigh yourself, you may be hoping that you’ve lost a couple of pounds from the days past.  But what determines your weight?  Me, it’s cupcakes.  Kidding!  It’s the quantity of mass in you, plus the force of gravity. But what determines your mass? It’s more than just cupcakes.

There’s a discrepancy in why some particles have mass, some have none and others have a whole lot.

The Higgs’ theory: All particles have no mass. After the big bang the universe cooled, and as the temperature fell below a critical value, an invisible force field was formed with the “Higgs boson.”

This is TMI but a bit trippy. Where are you going with this???


So there it is.  I hope you learned something. If not, at least now you’ve added some non-useless facts into your noggin that you can use to impress your family, friends and strangers.


Thanks for reading. It gives me hope that this world isn’t full of muppets.


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