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Joy the Movie: how to be a protagonist entrepreneur

There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide.  This isn’t the motto of the Imperial Fleet from Star Wars, it’s the everyday life of an entrepreneur.

They are pulled in a million directions, have to make off-the-cuff decisions, and their inbox resembles a tap that cannot be turned off. Stress!

To the consumer of their product though, none of this exists.  It’s as invisible as the Force itself.  Outside the company walls, no one sees all the things that went into making the product awesome. They just expect it to be awesome.

But as every great entrepreneur and startup team knows, there’s always a story.

The movie “Joy” starring Jennifer Lawrence is a lot like a “How It’s Made” for entrepreneurism. A true story, it exhibits the years of work involved to get it just right.  The massive personal sacrifices, super late-nighters, life and death mistakes, the cost of developing and keeping the lights on, hours scrumming and planning, fierce debates between colleagues, and the growth pains of scaling.

This is the life of an entrepreneur and anyone crazy strong enough to join a startup team.

For anyone who’s thinking of starting a company, this post and movie referral are a kind warning. To anyone living/working in a startup now, I feel your stress and applaud your audacity to pave your own way.

“No more romanticizing about how cool it is to be an entrepreneur. It’s a struggle to save your company’s life – and your own skin – every day of the week.” – Spencer Fry, CarbonMade co-founder

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