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Epic Inventions of All Time

In honour of all the epic things that were invented or created in 2009, here’s a list of just some to inspire you for 2010.
AI and computers
– Peter Voss was Interviewed by Sander Olson on AGI (artificial general intelligence
–  Nvidia Fermi GPU lowers supercomputing costs by ten times
– Roadmap for organic and printed electronics
– CEO of China’s Cosco is seriously considering nuclear merchant ships.
–  This would have benefits for military power and civilization resilience by enabling power supplies to be brought to disaster areas
– Nuclear powered container ships would also provide power for functionalized container shipping modules.
Medical Related
– Fighting fat with brown fat cells
– Presbyopia laser surgery
– 3D bioprinters
– Blacklight Power plans for 2010-2013
– Astronomical evidence of what might be parallel universes
– Possible detection of dark matter particles



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