How to Become a Math Geek in Less than 10 Minutes

math shouldn't suck

When’s the last time you actually had to do math without a calculator?  I’d put money on the fact you haven’t had to use exponents with decimal places since grade 6 math.

My point, math sucks.  Not because it’s a boring subject, but because it was made boring by education.

Math isn’t complicated either, at least it shouldn’t be.  It’s based on logic. Unfortunately some people think memorization is a better technique than logic and use that system in the school system instead. *fist shaking*

I never liked the subject math personally. I found it hard to understand, remember and put to use.  This is why I love Wolfram Alpha, onlyone mathematics teacher I had in college and the following video.

If you hate math, find it difficult by any means, you’ll love it after this.


How to become a math geek in 6 minutes and 8 seconds



“Cell phones…proving math teachers wrong since 2000.” @SaraOflaherty


Which style of mathematics education would you prefer? Comment below

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