HD Video Tour of the Universe

journey to the edge of the universe by http://images.ctvdigital.com


Discovery Channel special “Journey to the Edge of the Universe” is one of the most epic videos I have ever watched. Yes, I said it and mean it, ever.  It’s shot from a first person perspective, in a way I can only describe as an e-rollercoaster.

Whether you slept through your astronomy class or not, this hour and thirty minute video will be a mind-bending amount of knowledge about the universe.  It’s not just learning, it’s edutainment at its best.



The moon still has the footprints of  its first explorers, including Neil Armstrong.  They’ll probably be there a very, very long time; with no elements like water or volcanic activity to change the landscape (Space.com).



Venus may look pretty but those murky clouds in its atmosphere are sulfuric acid.  You’ll be crushed and baked before you have a chance to settle in, or get away for that matter.



This is a resource that every single human being should be forced to watch.  So quick, someone put this into projector form and send it along to ever school board.

Tired of me talking and ready to watch, without further ado:


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  1. Discovery Channel came out with one on tv that I’ve been dying to get my hands on and totally forgot existed. Love this! 

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