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It’s easy to get distracted these days. It seems like everything in the entire world is focused on getting your attention.


Hey, look here!! Click this. Watch this. Check this out! 


One of the worst offenders is It’s literally Pandora’s box of visual content.  It gives you the ability to watch pretty much anything, any time, anywhere. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Luckily for you, you can fight this distraction. How do I know?  You’re hard core. When it comes to getting stuff done, you don’t mess around. Or at least, that much anyways.  As part of being a hard core, I know that while you work you also like to keep entertained.

For when you’re super busy, there’s stuff like Live365 (free, streaming online radio) and Klove (positive, encouraging free streaming radio).

But for those times when you’ve worked like a mad woman (or man), and you want some music with visuals, there’s Pandora for Youtube music videos –


How it works


1) Head to

2) Simply click on one of the horrible artists shown, or type in the name of someone you want to listen to. - pandora for Youtube music videos


2) Ah, that’s better.  Not digging a song? Skip it or delete it from the playlist.


4) Sign in!  YouTube will provide you with creepy personalized recommendations.


For optimum geek results, display on a second monitor in the background. You’ll still have your work in front of you for efficiency sakes,  but with the bonus of epic sounds and visuals.  It’s a great way to keep 5pm + interesting and not as work like.


Icing on Top - YouTube

Just s a tip to YouTube….RENAME this and give it a cooler URL.  Disco? *shudder*


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