How Not to Get Scammed Online

human phishing scam

I received an email yesterday that’s what I assume, the new kind of a Nigerian email scam.

No one falls for that stuff, right? False *said in a Dwight Schrute tone*. I know a president of a company that fell for a Nigerian fraud scam, so it happens.  Whether you’re deperate or too trusting, it’s dangerous and has a huge impact on your life, as well as a ripple effect on those around you.

In the case of human phising scams 2012, here’s how they work:  they’ll pull at your heart strings to leave you penniless.

In the case of the email I received, they pull on your patriotic – military supporting heart strings, which is pretty vicious.



What a human phishing scam of 2012 looks like:


spam email warning


What they want from you!


The kinds of personal information they’ll ask for is as simple as your full name, birth date, mailing address and phone number.  Unlucky for us and lucky for scammers, a lot of this info is available on our personal profiles already (like Linkedin and Facebook).   A lot of spam artists will simply approach you with the personal information they already know about you, in order to get more out of you.  If they already know what your mailing address or phone number is, then all it takes is asking you how to “spell your full name correctly.”  Tricky kids!



I’m broke, good luck stealing from me!


That’s a dangerous way to think folks. Have a low limit or full credit card? Doesn’t matter!  With very little info, they can:

  1. open accounts you don’t know about.

  2. buy things on these credit cards, in your name and then do not pay for them.

  3. take out loans in your name and do not repay them.

  4. commit crimes using your name and leave you responsible.

  5. Get a job using your name.

I don’t like people that pray on the weak. So this post goes out to them as a way of saying, we the good people are smarter than you. And we’re privy to your schemes, and are here to take a stand against them. Knowing is power, so here’s to knowing:



What Can I do About it?


Give a heads up to the people you care about, for one. Then report it as spam.

I’m so inclined to send it to the FBI. I’m sure they wouldn’t take too kindly to someone attempting to make a jackassery out of the US military for the sake of hurting people (stealing money and identities).

Here’s where you can report it to help your fellow human:

USA report phishing scams, spam and fraudUSA –

canada report phishing scams, spam and fraudCanada –




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