Please Sir, I Want Some More….Time on the Internet!


Do you remember what it was like before the Internet?

Me either.  Luckily when I was a kid the shift was already happening between TV all the time to word processing, a dot matrix printer and the popularity of games on diskettes.  Throwback warning! Commander Keen anyone?

Nowadays the Internet is pretty much everywhere. And that’s freaking brilliant. It’s even in elevators and subways.

Sidenote: Does anyone else wish they had a bathroom and kitchen computer station so they could super multi-task? #justsaying

I kind of feel bad for older people who aren’t tech savvy, and the younger folk who are anti-technology or just don’t get it.


What they’re Missing:

  • An even epic’er avenue for gaming (holy control batman!)
  • Technically it makes school irrelevant. Physical locations that is, not education
  • You can any question you have. ANYTHING!
  • It makes paper wasting phone books irrelevant
  • Pick up a new hobby and track your 10,000 learning hours (ballet, HTML, sewing, social media)
  • Geography ‘class’ goes from a spiny globe to street-view of any location
  • Talk to anyone via MSN and Skype without paying an arm and a leg
  • Free streaming movies, documentaries and TV shows (PBS, Discovery, Sidereel)

Hopefully this article serves as a reminder that times weren’t as awesome before the Internet. Things took much longer to accomplish and we had to trek outside our homes to places with books. Madness right? So we should probably be grateful for it and stand up for it when the times come and ‘the man’ wants to change things.


Internet Censorship 101

What’s the Internet worth? Approximately $50 a month, depending on your speed and download strength.  But in reality, aka my humble geek opinion, priceless. Much like freedom.

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