Do You Make Your Words Counts?

Do you make every word count?


Do you know how powerful your words really are?

It’s hard to fathom that words have much of an impact nowadays, especially when so many words are used throughout a day.  This linguistic overdose comes in many forms, including Skype convos, work emails, text messages from friends, calls from family, and of course Twitter. Twitter has more randomness than you can shake all the sticks in the world at.

Shake a stick at!

As much fun as it is to say anything you want, at any time you want, what impact are your words actually having? What messages are behind the things you say? Are your words capable of helping, healing and changing the world?

For most people, probably not.  Me either, to be honest.  Sometimes I get tired of talking, texting and chatting, so I don’t take as much care in the message behind my words.

So how can you make a concerted effort to make your words, actions and thoughts count?  Well, you don’t have to become a Nobel Prize novelist or save whales with GreenPeace to make a difference in the world. You could:

  • Make a conscious effort to not say anything negative or to gossip
  • Share cool, uplifting articles and quotes (like this post, wink wink)
  • Show love and respect despite how much someone is pissing you off (at work, while driving, an obnoxious stranger)
  • Unfollow someone who is a negative influence on you and others
  • Give whatever money you can to a cause that’s close to your heart
  • Learn something new so you become even more epic at what you do and love
  • Have fun in moderation and give up things that are killing you (cigarettes, excessive drinking and drugs)
  • Listen to positive music instead of something rage educing
  • Turn off lights and gadgets when not in use
  • Don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth

Making a difference in the world isn’t rocket science.  All it takes is making a conscientious effort.

Now do yourself and the world a favor and get started on making each word, thought and action actually mean something.  You might just notice positive changes in your life, not to mention those around you.

Share your story in the comments section below. Or share it with me on Facebook or email  and I will use it anonymously in a post. And of course you can always tweet it to me on Twitter @chichtech.




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2 thoughts on “Do You Make Your Words Counts?”

  1. I find it really hard to not be judgmental.  Really hard at work. I realize I’m not a team member if I treat people like crap. So my goal is to not be a jerk, really.

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