Print Any Web Page in 4 Simple Steps

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Do you ever find yourself on a web page that you’d like a copy of, but there’s no way to email or share it?

Happens to me all the time. There’s literally inspiration everywhere on the web. Some stuff I want to bookmark and come back to, others I want to keep as digital art.

Rather than diddle daddy about it, cause you’re here for answers, here’s the solution:



To save a web page,

you can do one of 3 things..


  • printing
  • sharing tools
  • bookmarking


Series 1 – Printing



This is one of the most ingenious tools I’ve come across,  It’s made to be as simple as it sounds.

Here’s how to use it to simply and easily print web pages:




1) Head over to




2) Enter the URL of the page you want to print


print what you like chick tech



3) Pick how you want to print the page and which parts.

  • Isolate objects
  • Pick the font type
  • Widen images
  • Save as PDF, HTML


4) Click the print button




 C’est fini!


Now please do your friends, coworkers and family a favor and send this to them. Share the love.  As you can see below, stealing is allowed.


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